About Me

Extra-Curricular Activity

  • An alternative military service
    • Private-1 training course, 4 weeks
    • Alternative service: software engineer, 3 years
    • It is mandatory for a man to provide military service for 2-3 years, in Korea. I was doing alternative service in an IT company for 3 years, instead of physical service. This is allowed to very limited people.
  • Club of Robotics, Sa-Bal-Tong-Mun
    • The club president, 2000
    • Three annual exhibitions (1998-2000)
  • Club of Mountaineering, Muak (1998-1999)
    • Rock-climbing Insu Rock (altitude 811m)
    • Climbing the length of the Sulak Mountains for 10 days (summer, winter)
    • Climbing frozen waterfall at Sulak
  • Church choir, Joshua choir in Chongkyo church
    • Bass in the Joshua choir
  • A big fan of Musical
    • As a big fan of musical, I am happy to share my favorite musicals (Norte Dame de Paris/ Les Miserables/ Jekyll and Hyde/ Phantom of Opera/ Lion King )

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